Monday, April 13, 2009

How to prevent going over my texting limit?

ok so i have att and i have 1500 texts but at the beggining of the month they were counting my texts wrong and said that i was texting way more than i was then we got it fixed but it left me with the amount of texts that i still have and until the next billing cycle which is the 29th im left with 600 texts and its really annoying having to constantly having to check my account does anybody know a good way to prevent going over my texting limit

when u end a conversation dont say BYE. if you do that with every conversation there will be a big sum of texts at the end.

ask people not to send you fowarding messages and if they do dont foward them. i promise you nothing will come and eat you or kill you if you dont send it (i dont send those and trust me IM STILL ALIVE)

instead of texting people if they want to go to the movies or if u need to tell them something LONG and IMPORTANT; call them.

don't say hi to everyone every morning.

I am almost positive this will decrease your texting by at least 100 texts. hope this helped!

Only text someone if it is really important. If it is to long to fit in a message, call the person. Also, save the texts for places you cant call people like when your in a movie you can't call anyone, that is the time to use your texts. And if someone texts you and says "hey" don't just write hey back, say something more that you could easily fit more in the conversation with.

Get a hobby. Ride a bike, jog, or roller blade. Garden. Walk the dog. fly a kite. Do something active, and leave the phone behind so you don't have it handy and you can't answer texts from other people.

Ask people nicely to stop sending you chain texts.If they do,dont forward them and if its a long conversation,call them instead.I know,I have the same problem only that I have 400 texts.

New phones coming to AT

im looking for a new phone from AT&T but there isnt much of a variety. Does anyone know a site where you can check out new phones coming out soon? thanx

Samsung Impression

Lg Xenon

HTC Fuze

are all new phones go to

at&t just presented a bunch of new phones

the samsung impression

the lg xenon

the samsung magnet

the lg neon

a nokia phone

three blackberries are comming out one is gonna be touch screen

and i believe i might of left out one or two phones

go to phonedog and phonearena

they usually have all the new ones that are comming out

The LG Xenon and the Samsung impression are both touch screens with slide out qwerty keyboards. If you look on at&t's wireless site, there is much to choose from.

I just got the LG Vu from AT&T and it works great....

If you don't like that kind then be patient and more will come out....


att gets new phones after awhile... just wait..

yes just google gsm arena it tells u all the new phones coming out

What cell phone should i get?

my dad said if i get all a's i can get any phone i was bugging him but he had to sign a contract he doesnt think i will but i got 3 toturs and if i do what phone should i get it can be anyone out there execpt it has to be under 500 dollars and the plan has to be under 100 i want a very expensive one post a link to it or something but ya and i dont want the IPHONE cause i got the ipod touch i just dont

T-Mobile Sidekick

Free iphone app 2-player games?

Does anyone know any 2 player applications for the iphone? (preferably free ones) i already downloaded the Air Hockey one, wondering if there are any others?

Tap Tap revenge 1 and 2

Where can i get free ringtones?

you can totally include websites....and yeaaaah


They allow you to make your own ringtones at no cost and it works for all phones and carriers

you can even customize the ringtone and change stuff like treble, volume, bass

its awesome!


follow these steps and you can have any of their millions of ringtones sent

first step

login after you sign up

second step

at the home page click on the free Mosquito Ringtone

link. That will take you to the preview page where you will see a Send to Phone button.

Don't click on the Send To Phone button though!

third step

Next open the Ventones site in a new browser window but leave the first

one open as well. Search for the ringtone that you want

(from their free ringtone page ) and click on it.

That will take you to their "free ringtone preview page"

which will NOT have a send to phone button

fourth step

now go back to the first Ventones window (the one with the mosquito ringtone)

and click on the send to phone button.

It will send you the ringtone you opened in the 2nd ventones window.

Sounds complex but it works every time for me

What is this icon on my phone (pic)?

It appeared yesterday after I tried to switch my contacts from Phone to SIM card. What is it, how do I make it go away?

umm it kinda looks like a "ring and vibrate" logo (to tell you that your phone will ring and vibrate with iincoming calls, texts,etc.) but i'm not completely does look weird though o_O...i suggest calling t-mobile or going to a t-mobile store and see if they can help you with also might be in your user manuel

Voyager or instinct? which one?

okay so which one would you get and why? please pro's and son's besides the keyboard thing. and i'm not comparing services(verizon and sprint) because im getting either one flashed to cricket


A very informative website, kindly stay in website and check

Voyager definitely.

i suggest voyager :)

Help Mobile phone choosing?

The Sony Ericsson c903 (Black), Do you like it, Would you buy one, Alright for a guy



I"m a guy, i would buy one, and i like it :D

By the way, those links are dead, but i did my own research.

I like the design, its simple yet stylish at the same time and looks easy to use. The camera is 5mp and i would be happy with that (:

It's also scratch resistant, so its durable.

Some guys are pretty reckless so that's a plus.

Comes in black, white, and red. Get it black, its awesome.

I can't really be that enthusiastic about this because i just purchased a C905 today LOL.

A very informative wezbsite, kindlhtt:/z y stay a minute in website and enter you email address for getting your answer.zz

Sagem my 401x turns off itself?

i think that this is happening when i touch the back or something like that. but its very annoying that every time you put it in your pocket, to use your mobile you need to switch it on again and re-arrange the date and time settings!! this is happeneing since i unlocked my phone.

i think what we had here is that ether the Battery or the sim card holder is somehow damaged to just not be connected properly. this is not as bad as it sound and it is a common fault with a sagem. first you should check that the sim card and Battery is in place properly and if that is all good you should do is to check the metal connectors is not damaged in any way where its connect to the Battery and to put a bit of blu-tac on the Battery both where the Battery meet the phone and where the Battery meet the cover. hopefully by doing that, the phone would not turn itself anymore

Phone return! [PLEASE ANSWER]?

I have a Samsung Messenger ive had it for about 1 year i want to return it back to Metro Pcs and i really want to get the Samsung Finesse how much money do u think i will receive from Metro Pcs if i give them my Samsung Messenger

Man that finesse looks just like the touchscreen i have for T-Mobile.


I doubt you will get any money from Metro PCS since you have had the phone for a good year. Its really not worth anything to them.

Is there a way to download wallpapers from the browser on my lg versa?

i just got the LG Versa and i was wondering how to save images from the browser to the phone itself.

or if you can even do it.

Thanks in advance!

simply the best site you will ever use.

they have it where you can even make your own

custom ringtones and wallpapers.

You can either upload an mp3 file

or give them any video from youtube

A very informative wezbsite, kindlhtt:/z y stay a minute in website and enter you email address for getting your answer.zz

Storiing videos in iphone?

hi well can any1 pls let me know the procedure to store video in iphone 3g 16 gig?

well as far as i know it supports .mp4 format?

i have a movie which is in mp4 format

so pls tell me the procedure how to store it and after sync where to go in the phone n watch it?

its urgent thanks

17 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

well i tried sync it

after adding the file

but it doesnt come in the phone

where shud i check for it inside the phone?

n its in mp4 format already

it comes in the movies folder in itunes but not in phone even if i sync it

connect your phone to iTunes

make sure you have the page of your phone showing on iTunes

click on the video tab

scroll to whever you saved it, whether it was a tv show or film

click on the sync movies (or sync tv shows)

make sure there is a tick next to the video that you want to put on your phone

then sync iPhone.

this should put it on your phone.

When in itunes drag and drop onto the iphone logo

Tmobile samsung gravity gay phone?

i got the tmobile samsung gravity for xmas and within 2 days of usin it i noticed that the battery died way too fast. so i went to tmobile and they gave me a new battery. ok well the problems never stopped which pisses me off and i want to switch company but idk wats better. i want to no 2 things:

1. does anyone else have problems with the samsung gravity

2. who has better phones and plans [verizon wireless, at&t, sprint]?

i have t mobiles gravity in lime and gray and the battery goes by way to fast, suxs!!!!

i have verizon and my mom has the voyager and lats a realy GREAT phone. 1 om my friend has the gravity and she hates it to. plz answer my question

Gay phone?

How can i text My friend who is in America and i

She's on T-Mobile and i'm on Orange..

Is it even possible?

Is there like a number i have to put before i put her phone number??


001 then the number

How do you check world clock in lg muziq?

need help....thanks




here the best answer for you

first click o.k in ur cellphone its in the middle..

second on the right hand side go to tools

third go down u will see world clock or press #

fourth der u go ...

fifth hope this helps")


A t mobile question current employees would be helpful?

Ok so i had a two year family plan and after my plan is done they said i can get 3 free phones...would this be my choice so i can pick the phone i want or their choice of their free phones

AT&T only has certain phones available for free. Usually they are the most basic phones they have. I suggest that you start saving up your money & offer to buy a decent phone yourself!!!

How Do I Save My Wet Cellphone?

I Dropped It Yesterday In The Water And I Did All Things That The Internet Told Me I Even Did The Rice Thing And Nothing Works Its Not Turning On PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

its dead

Remove all pieces such as battery, sim card, memory card. leave the phone open and you can use a hair dryer to try and dry it out quickly. let it dry for about 24 hrs then replace the battery ONLY the battery and try to power on the phone and check functionality.If everything works your good replace sim and all that. If its broken then your probably out of luck, unless you have a protection plan for the phone you'll have to buy a new one because that isn't going to be covered by any type of manufacturer warranty.

Forget the WD-40, it will corrode plastic and other electronic components. Some people are just idiots, I'm surprised he did suggest Duct Tape. Try the take apart and put it in rice, but don't expect any miracles as it's probably fried. There isn't any coverage for water damage which leaves you with buying a new phone. Try for unlocked, reasonably priced phones with a good selection. Sorry to give you the bad news.

It sounds like your phone really died. Sometimes freak things like keeping it in your pocket until it dries works, but not usually. My friend's phone survived the wash, but I don't really know how. You should contact your provider or take it into the store, but a wet phone is hard to save. [especially if it's salt water]

best way is to remove the battery take the outer case off put it in a room with high temperature low relative humidity point a fan at it for a few hours then take a squirt of wd-40 and mix it 1:64 parts water in a spray bottle and mist the circuit boards with it and take a hair dryer to it on low heat until completely dry re assemble and you should be fine

You should take your sim card out.

And maybe test it on somebody's phone to see if your sim card still works.

Good luck

Ways to know if it is a mass text or not?

so i would like to know if there is any way with any cell phone to be able to tell if you are part of a mass text or to tell if someone has only sent it to you...

well i'm not sure with any cellphone but i have to the palm centro and it shows you who all the person sent it to other than you..

HI okay so could you help me? I want a new phone but i

I want an Envy. I have a juke i got it in june of 2008. If i want to buy a new phone how much extra do i have to pay?

Also is the envy a good phone? Thanks!

First of all, they don't make LG EVs any more, you'll have to get the EV2. It all depends on which provider you are with as to how much it will cost. You should contact your cell phone provider and they will be able to help you. Just call their customer service number that will be on your bill.

Can I use any SoftBank cellphone in canada?

I really want the SoftBank 922SH pearl pink Canada. I'm with telus right now. I don't care if I must use another sotfbank cellphone!!!

Okay you have to use Fido... Since there are no Sofbank in Canada... I wish there was lmao... Since most features are blocked and you just need the basics... Call Text... because that's what japanese phones can allow you to do... So fido is the best choice.

Since Japanese phones are Triband 900/1800/1900

You are better off with fido anyways since in 2004 they run only on 1900 before rogers bought them...

Mind you that you have to be in City areas where you will get good 1900 coverage... even in the city you will lose signal quite often...

Unlocking is another issue since sometimes people can only unlock the voice and not the text... I'm not sure about that...

Most people unlock using TurboSIM or HYPERsim... which is a thin sim card placed underneath the actual simcards with the metal receptors touching eachother... This randomizes carrier information therefore phone can't tell if it's a foreign carrier for the lock to block out.

Japanese phones are just the pretty... they're not really meant to be used elsewhere so it can be quite troublesome...

Plus when you loose signal you have to stick your sim card to a phone to pickup signal... then quickly stick it back into your japanese phone... Phone CPR lol.

Good for you. Do it then. Get the telephone that you like and use it in Canada.

Did you know that softbank used to be Vodafone, which used to be


When will the new sony ericsson premier 3 walkman phone be released in the UK?

Plz helppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it will release very soon may be within a month..

Free ringtones sights?

I was wondering if there is any websites where i can send or ringtones or songs or videos to my cell.

the only free way to get ringtones nowadays is to MAKE them yourself. Any other way is illegal. But if you own the mp3 file beforehand, you have the right to cut it and convert it into a ringtone. I use the site Ventones to make my own ringtones for FREE

My phone charger doesn

when i plug in my phone, the charger doesn't work. i guess i'll have to buy a new one. i have verizon and am planning on going there. how much will it cost?

my phone

$30 at the most

Texting over the internet?

I have an app on my iPod Touch that lets you send and receive text messages over the internet, it's called Text Free Lite.

My friend said that texting over the internet charges her but the Text Free app says that she will have to pay regular rates and I get to send for free.

Who is right??

Text Free app on my iPod Touch or my friend with the cell phone??

? textfree is free...i have that app....

textFREE. i think you get it now.

Verizon phone question... voyager and chocolate 3?

Soo... i have the chocolate 3 from verizon. i'm on my fourth one. i always have the same problems, and this one is showing signs of them again. :/

I was just wondering how people felt about the voyager? do you have it? do you like it? what do you not like about it?

would it be worth switching?

i would also like to know if anybody has activated a phone from ebay before. is there anything special i should know if i try to do ittt?

i like my voyager but some of the touch screens are junk.

like my moms works fine but mine is really delayed and i don't really like texting on the front of it. But other then that i like it.

Does Netrosoft services provide mobile sync?

i have a mobile phone and id like to sync it with my account if i register.

thanks for the info!

Yes; its located at the top, right-hand corner of the screen (in red). It's a new feature.

This one of the easiest i ever took hope it helps

How do i get apps on my iphone 1st gen?

i have an iphone 1st gen and it does not have an app store button how do i get apps on my iphone we tried itunes but it wont work.

connect your phone to your computer and click update. after the update you will have an appstore button.

Does verizon charge u to keep songs on your phone?

my brother said verizon charges you to keep songs on v cast

No, I do not think so. You could ask a sales person at verizon online. Go to the site and click on the chat with a sales member box and a chat box will come up. Then you can ask them and they will tell you....Voila!!

Is the Samsung Omnia a good phone?

Ok, I think that I should get the Samsung Omnia but I'm a little unsure. My dad said that I shouldn't get a phone that hasn't been out for a long time but I know that the phone has been out for about half a year now. I saw reviews about it and they say that it is good. But no matter where I check, I can never find a video or a review about the texting.

I need someone to help me and tell me if the texting is good. I know that it's an on-screen keyboard which is why I'm a little afraid that I will keep on messing up. I text 24/7 and I can't handle messing up every single word.

So can someone tell me if the keyboard is good or not. And, are the other features on the phone good? What are some of the apps on the phone?


Yes you can go for this one its a cool one but you can also try others too i am using

you will get other brands too over there as well

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canon Powershot SD1000?

So I'm feeling a little stupid, sitting here with the user guide in front of me, but cannot seem to figure out how to set the self timer. I would preferably like it to take several pics without me having to press the button... Can anyone help me or maybe guide me in the right direction?????? Am I being incredible dumb?? Is it even possible? It has to be! Come on...... Please Help.


Girl who can't figure out her user guide/camera.


Well I'm glad to hear you at least tried to read your manual! Most people on here won't even do that.

Now that I've found my Sd1000 battery in my mess of a room, I can help you. Yes, it is possible. Here's how:

-Press 'menu'

-Scroll down to 'self-timer'.

-Press 'func. set'

-Choose your delay.

-Choose how many shots you want.

-Press 'func set'

-Press 'menu'

-Press the button with the garbage can, four squares and the clock.

-Keep pressing it until you get to 'custom timer'

-Press 'func. set'

-Take your photos.


Ive upto 175 to buy a camera, I

After much saving..ive finally got a little spare cash to spend on a camera, I'll use it mainly for nights out, but also as I'm just starting to get into photography I want something reasonably good quality...any help would br great!

The Panasonic for the lens, Canon for the functionality and manufacturer experience.

The Panasonic Lumix. I have one and it takes great pictures.

I have the Lumix and it takes great photos.

Do all canon speedlights fit on the canon powershot sx1?

Yes, but not to say they wont be awkwardly big on there. Especially the 580EX II, I feel even a 430EX II we be kind of unwieldy.

Make that all Canon speedlights with the letters "EX" in the name.

You can still find a lot of older flashes with letters like "A", "T", and "EZ" after the numbers. Those flashes will not work.

Anyone know where I can get a good webcam?

I've gotten a few webcams, and they've both let me down. One was just a cheap crappy one and I got a philips webcam thing and it's just not working. Anyone know of any good webcams that aren't way too expensive or a place I can get a good one?

Logitech. Starting with the best first, one of these should suit your budget:

Quickcam Pro 9000

Quickcam Communicate Delux / S7500

Quickcam Communicate MP / S5500

walmart. it is cheap and they have a lot of choices. Best buy is too expensive for me. good luck.

What super wide angle lens, 90mm to 120mm, would you recommend for an 8x10

120mm lens on a 8x10 camera will not be a 'super' wide angle lens but just a wide angle.

I suggest buying a 90mm which can cover the full film format.

Schneider Super-Angulon XL series have large image circles (good for architecture) and cover the film plane easily.

Check the Schneider FineArt XXL series too. They are quite sharp and provide good apertures.

With regards to wide angle, I suggest that you also check the image and see the light fall off towards the edges.

I've never used anything bigger than 4x5... I don't think I've ever even *seen* an 8x10 camera.

Sorry to be of no help with the answer. But how many of the users here actually have a clue what you are even talking about?

How can I find my lost camera?

The last time I'm sure I saw it was on March 2, 2009. I took some pictures with it before March 10, 2009. I realized it was missing on March 25, 2009. I have the following rooms in my house: bedroom, parents room, office, kitchen, dining room, living room, basement, loft, parents bathroom, bathroom. I have thoroughly searched most of the rooms, but can't find it anywhere. I remember using it in the bathroom to take pictures of my birds (I know wierd location) and using it in the office to upload pictures.

Don't rule out strange places, like the refrigerator. Seriously, last time I lost my glasses, I found them in the pantry. Oh and check couch cushions. That's where I always lose the tv remote.

Look for places in the house you haven't looked for before. If bed is near wall maybe it's between bed and wall. Did you Loan it to anybody?

If this is a tiny subcompact camera could you have washed it in your jeans? Is your office at home? If not, maybe you left it at work.

The last time I lost something, it was my car keys and I found them in the trash.

Good luck with your search.

Is it worth getting these canon lens?

So right now i have the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM,

is it worth it to also buy the Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM?

i want it because it is only 80 dollars....

You will just be duplicating the focal lengths you already have with your 28-135mm. I say save your money and buy a wide angle lens to add to your collection.

If you desperately want to spend your money right now, buy the 50mm f/1.8.

Although it is cheap, it is a wonderfully sharp and fast lens, perfect for shallow DOF, perfect for those portraits with the blurred background.

It's 20mm shorter, 2/3 stop faster at the long end, no IS.

But for $80, why not? It is also a lot smaller and lighter than the 28-135.

What do they

In case you need further explaination.

Wide: zoomed all the way out. In other words, the lens gives you the widest view it can.

Telephoto: Zoomed all the way in for the closest view of a distant object of which the lens is capable.

W-wide angle


Anyone good with cameras?

so I have a cannon powershot that is about four years old. ive seen pics where only one color stands out and the rest is black and white. for example: my red shirt will be red but the rest of the photo will not. how do u achieve this on a cannon powershot? thanks

While I agree with the other posters that post-production is one way to do it, I'm going to have to disagree on powershots not being able to do it. My Canon Powershot SD1000 does have that feature. That being said, without knowing the specific model I can't say if yours does or not. Look in the manual for "color accent".

Other than Sarah's suggestion, there are camera's out there that have that feature... the power shot is not one of them.

I agree with Sarah, post production is the only way with your camera.

You have to do this through photoshop or a photo editing website such as I think picnik is the best for doing that, because it's really easy.

Help what can i do? (memory card)?

my memory card for my camera says it needs formatting and i took a lot of pictures before and now i can't see them. is there any way i can see them?

The only way I know of is to place your card in a reader, attached it to your computer and transfer.

Your card may indeed require formatting but if you do it now all your photos will be lost. Try a reader first.

How do I make my camera record in wide screen?

its a samsung bl103

is it even possible?

i know how to take pics in 16:9 but how do you record in 16:9?

You cannot. It is not a video camera. It is a regular camera that does video.

What do you think is more cheaper?

Here's my situation. The LCD screen on my touchscreen camera cracked. The camera still works fine is still takes pictures like normal but the only thing is that I can't record videos or do all those other special effects.

My question is this...

Is it worth getting repaired or will it be cheaper if I just bought a whole new camera?

There is no way to answer without knowing the repair cost. So find out how much it will cost to fix. If that costs almost as much as a new camera, or more, then get a new camera.

if your camera cost less than $500 and you bought it OVER 3 months ago then a new camera is best. otherwise, you might look into getting it repaired

More cheaper? Good gracious no one uses proper grammar anymore!

But yes, buy a new camera.

before you buy anything why don't you go to school for some grammar training. goddamn.

buying new one costs cheaper.

MicroSDHC Adapter or SDHC Card for Digital Camera?

Is there any difference in terms of speed for camera performance when buying a regular SDHC compared to a MicroSDHC with an adapter?

The store I'm buying it from are the same price...

Both Sandisk Class 2 8gb's

8gb SDHC Class 2


8gb MicroSDHC Class2 with SD-Adapter

My concern is, will speed be loss during conversion in the SD-Adapter?

Any experiences? If it doesn't matter then I might want to get the MicroSDHC Adapter because then if I wanted to I can use the MicroSD for my smaller electronics like cellphone and such.

This is for my Panasonic Lumix FS3

Doesn't make a difference, Class II is Class II. You won't be able to tell the difference between them.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you buy platinum hits or originals?

I buy mostly the platinum games, because I have not enough money to get original games.

Returning portable dvd player to best buy?

okay so I bought an insignia portable dvd player for $130.00 about 58 days ago. Well it stopped working (it won't load dvds) and I want to return it and I still have the receipt. But on the receipt it says you can only exchange things 30 days after purchase. So I was wandering since it is broken will they make an exception? also please don't say send it to the manufacturer because I can't do that. thanks

I believe you are SOL...they do offer those warranty at check out...did you consider that?

Whats better the turtle beach x1 or fallout 3 both for the xbox360?

Fallout 3

Are there going to be any upcoming verizon sales?

I know now they have a 50% off on all samsung phones but i%26#039;m going to be buying a new phone with a 2 year contract and i can only buy it in june.The 50% off is only until March 29th.And i know i can%26#039;t buy it now,so does anyone know if there is going to be a new phone or a good sale coming?

just a heads up the only reason why they are having a 50% off on all samsung phone is because hey suck so don%26#039;t ever get one but they should have one for the summer not sure about June though it%26#039;s a odd time to have maybe in august when school about to start though or around July 4 th they may



My computer wont recognize me Zune, so i looked up hardware changes on the device manager and this is in the window on the "general" tab:

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

What does this mean?!?

Restart your computer.

turn on your zune and reset it by holiding down and back

plug it in to your comp and start zune software

click device........wait a couple minutes

if this doesnt work....uninstall and re-install the zune software from

if that still doesnt work u have a serious hardware issue. call microsoft

p.s. wat kind of zune is it

Maybe it's your computer

When will the Sony Ericsson W705 be available on pay as you go?

Also, will it be available with Vodafone, or just Orange or 02?

Why not buy as Sim Free so not locked to any network, just insert sim from any netwok and away you go

Why does my Xbox 360 keep overheating one week after self-repair?

One week ago I bought an Xbox 360 repair guide and rid myself of the E74 error, and my Xbox worked for a week. Now every time i turn it on, the fans get really loud and it the lights signifying that my Xbox is overheating comes on. Do I need to replace the thermal compound i replaced when I originally fixed the Xbox, possibly adding more this time? Do I need to tighten the heat sinks? Please ONLY answer if you know about this. I would really like to know exactly what to do before I open my Xbox up for the second time.

Also, do not answer me saying anything about it being a dumb move on my part to repair my Xbox on my own. My warranty had already expired, and I absolutely refuse to pay $100 on what I already spent near $400 on. The repair did work perfectly until it this started happening. Obviously this is repairable also, so only answer with applicable solutions, and not smartass remarks. It's appreciated, thank you.

You'll probably want to redo the thermal compound. If you didn't use it the first time, Arctic Silver seems to be the best one to use. Oh, and more isn't always better -- you just need enough to ensure that there's good contact between the heatsink and the CPU/GPU that it's trying to cool so don't go overboard with the stuff. Too much can actually make it work worse.

the fans make the noise because they are working harder to cool the system, tampering with the thermal compound and heat sink will only fix it temporarily. the reason why the 360 overheats is because of how the internal air flow system was constructed. the new 360 kinda fixes this problem, yur best bet is to go with a new one

Is dish network a good company to have as provider for my Television?

I have heard complaints about DirectTV. Then I have heard the same complaints about DishNetwork. I have heard double the complaints about TimeWarner.

But I've had Dish for many years and yeah - sometimes the on-hold time is long, but they have done a decent job for me.

Dish has some of the best tech in the 722PVR. The software and operation is awesome and has won Sat receiver of the year from Home Theater magazine. Dish has also been aggressive with HD only packages.

The down side - a 2 year commitment.

I had TimeWarner for local HD before I upgraded my Dish system and the software on the box was .. ok but nothing great. The only advantage was no contract.

There is a lot of buzz about ATT UVerse service. This is 4 IP addresses of data to your house. If you choose the options - you can record 3 channels at the same time while watching a fourth. Or use one IP address for home internet and 3 for the TV, etc.

(Note: They want you to use 2 tuners for the TV, one for internet and one for local phone service but ... thats up to you. The tech is cool however.)

Whatever you choose - watch for:

- Lease vs buy. I strongly suggest you lease the box so if it breaks, they swap it out for free

- Recording fees (dish has these), charges to use the remote

(TimeWarner has these), connection to a telephone fee reduction

Does anybody know the hack to get all your calls for free on Skype?

The only way you get free calls on Skype is to call other skype users on their computers. I have a Skype account and it costs money to make calls to actual phone numbers not computers. If someone has found a hack to make free calls Skype would have already noticed and would prevents it from happening again.

If I tell you, I'd have to kill you.


Ok. So I was listening to music on my cell phone and it sort of got wet. But, it was still working and i wiped it off as soon as I can and put it to charge. Now it charges and it turns on. When I remove it from the charger, ithe screen, it doesnt go on. What I mean is the phone doesn't turn on. It was at full charge. When its on charge with the charger, phone calls go through. But as soon as I unplug the charger, it doesn't go on. My dad told me that the batteries probably dead and it needss to be charged for a long time. Its fully charged it says. I think. but any way, why is this happening? Can it be fixed? Can I replace it? My company's name is verizon I have a chochlate LG and the thing is that Ive also hear you can go to the company to replace it without any cost. Is this true? What can I tell my dad? I need this when I go to shcool and I dont want my mom's craappy phone. He said he will not give me another one if this one is distroyed. I got this one last year september 2007.

It sounds like the battery is charging but your phone is broke. If it doesn't turn on after charging that means that the phone is receiving juice to the battery but your phone just doesn't work. have you tried turning on your phone while it's being charged? Can you turn it on while it is plugged in to an AC outlet. If the answer is no, the phone still doesn't work; it is safe to say you need a new phone not a battery.

it no like u anymore so it decided to not work anymore

You have 2 years warranty.

How many MB should a 20 minute show be?

i was looking on iTunes, and i wanted to download a south park episode. i was figuring out how many MB should be downloading. simple answers would be awesome!

approximately 200mb

I feel like Cinderella should I turn my mobile off its 12 o

go for it cinderella

no you should remain open....xx

stay for the dance


What other xbox 360 games are there that are like saints row and gta?

only thing u can do is get the gta4 update if u havent yet, which has a pretty good plot to it. or if u were really desperate buy some of the older gta games

Hmm I actually can't think of any either. I would recommend GTA IV: The Lost and Damned DLC, or even GTA: San Andreas on xbox originals if you haven't played it before.

Mercenaries 2, that is sort of like GTA I think


Speakers make buzzing noise whenever plugged into something plugged into the wall.?

I can plug in my computer or my Ipod into my speakers with no problem. But when I plug either of those into the wall, the speakers start to produce a low buzz. I have pretty darn high class speakers (as in sound system) and I can plug instruments through things plugged into the wall with no buzzing (a guitar through a pedal or a plugged in keyboard).

So, I would like to stop the buzzing and, for interest, also would like to know what causes the buzzing exactly.

Thanks a lot!

Mains electricity comes at 50Hz, (or 60Hz if you live in the USA). The alternating current at this frequency is audible. What you are experiencing is a 'hum loop', and it has nothing to do with the quality of your speakers, but the amplifier that is driving them. The amplifier's internal power supply is not filtering out the hum caused by the mains frequency and is actually amplifying it and passing it out through the speakers.

Either the amplifier is crap, or its power supply has developed a fault, which is usually the capacitors which need replacing. Another cause could be a bad earth connection inside the amplifier.

Sounds like EMI.

Check the grounding on your outlets. Don't get zapped doing it. If you know not of what I speak, get a pro to do it.

Can I put music on iTunes from my PC and then on iPod without paying?

Help me people I am really confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Surprisingly yes. You're not entirely crippled to iTunes music downloads with DRM protection and lower quality music.

You can add music to your Library, manually, or select the Scan Computer For Music Files, option.

Once it has scanned or you have added your music to your Library, you can sync it with you iPod.

Why isnt my blackberry not making calls??

Ok my blackberry has like a blue triangle thingy at the top of the homescreen and its causing me not to make calls and send and recieve text messages. If i make a call to someone the machine says "would you like to pay for long distance charges". It has never done this before until yesterday when one of my friends were texting someone who i guess lived far away.How do i fix this????? Someone please help!!!!

It means that your BB is only detecting service from other service providers, in other words, it is in roaming mode. It could be due to local or area service outage by your regular service provider.

If it is not a service outage, you can try to turn off the wireless function and then turn it back on. It will redetect available service and connect to your regular service provider if available. Sometimes you may even have to reboot the BB (pull the battery out for five seconds).

LCD projector HDTV 800x600 ?


Recently broke my hdtv lcd tv, I was looking to replace it with a lcd projector.

Heres my question: The projector im looking at claims to support full 1080p resolution, however the native resolution is only 800x600.(has 2500 lumens & 500:1 contrast)

Will I get a full HD picture from this projector ?

Will there be a big noticable difference between projector & hdtv lcd ?

Thanks 10 points goes to the best asnwerer.

You won't receive the full HD picture from this picture. It can take an HD source at 1080p, but must scale down to 800 x 600, which is 4:3 fullscreen (not 16:9 widescreen), considerably less than even 720p. 500:1 contrast is, for lack of better words, terrible. Not as bad for a projector though, but a traditional CRT projector could do better (but they are much heavier, require more alignment, and nowadays tend to be more expensive and less common in the general consumer market).

In short, you'll be able to get a much bigger screen size, but the quality will be reduced somewhat, and the brightness will be less (meaning you might have to turn off the lights or close the blinds to watch).

Sony trinitron tv no sound at all?

hello pls help, i was trying to connect the speaker wire

on my sony tv,but then something pop when the speaker wire fell on the board now the tv dont have a sound pls help thanks....and also if thats going to be the case,can i still hook up the soround sound on my tv?...thanks

I hope, for your sake, that you weren't working on your TV with it ON or connected to the wall socket. The wire could have landed anywhere on the mainboard, which I assume you are referring to when you said it fell on the board, and shorted out something. I'd worry less on your surround sound hook up and more on just making your sound work, period. Why were you trying to hook up the speaker wire? Did it fall off or something?

Ps3 call of duty5 map pack donation?

look i need a psn account that has downloaded the map pack of cod5 . look i swear on anything i wont change a pss or any thing i juat wann adownload the mapack off of a account. you can then later change the pass and every thing. you will be rewarded with the 10 points and i will love you . you can email me the info at .plzzzz

Hey! Your in luck. I just woke up this morning and said "HEY I WANT TO WASTE 10 DOLLARS ON SOMETHING THAT WON'T BENEFIT ME AT ALL!!" At least I will have your love.

Kid, get $25. Go to your local 7/11, P&C, KMart, Wallmart, Wherever. Then use that money to buy a Visa All Access Gift Card. You can use them on the PSN Store. To buy your Map Pack. I will be buying at on Monday.

O really you will give me 10 yahoo points... and i give you my user id and password, and you get the a free map pack while i paid 10 for it!... yeah what a deal....

quit being cheap. you dont need a credit card for those things you can buy special cards. go do that and stop begging

its 10$ go to 7/11 like the guy said and buy a card!

10 points given quick!!!!?

i have the lg versa and i use the voyager screen protectors from verizon and was wondering if these would work ok? i dont know if they will be ok because they are not verizon brand-the guy at the store didnt know how they would work... :-( ill give 10 points to the best quick answer!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!

They might work but not perfectly, I would recommend you just buy the screen protectors made for the Voyager.

I was wondering how long i should charge my battery it says 6 hours but i dont think it is long enough?

the charger says

input 120v ac 60hz 90 mah

output 8.4v dc 840 mah

the battery says

NI-Cd battery 4/5 SC 1200 mAh 8.4V P

If the maker says you charge them for 6 hours in order to reach full charge them for 6 hours.

I know of several chargers that can fully charge some high-end high-energy batteries in two to three hours. The only drawback is that there is a risk of battery rupture or fire. the manual and follow the directions. The guys that made the thing probably know how to charge it properly.

Good Luck!

How do you unlock the PUK code on your Lg shine CU720?

Well I forgot my pin number and inserted the wrong one three times. And then this PUK code needed thing popped up. How do I Unlock it now? Please help me! Thank you!

You can't. You HAVE to call your service provider. If you enter a wrong PUK code 10 times in a row (less on some SIM cards) you will end up destroying your SIM card. Then you'll have to get a new one if you do.

I have once on accident locked my phone and needed a PUK code. Call you service provider up (on another phone) and give them your info. They will then give you the PUK code you need.

If you click the SOS or Emergency Call option, it dials 911, so don't do that, unless you need it (and you don't to find your PUK code)

I have a jvc tv with output. Can i connect this to my Sony surround system that has phono sockets?

i wish to get tv sound Thu my Sony surround system. The tv has a digital/OPT audio output, and the Sony has only phono sockets.

No you can't do that because the output from the TV is OPTICAL - ie. the toslink cable carries LIGHT. The phono sockets on your surround system only accept a low level electrical signal.

If the TV has any other audio outputs (phono sockets) just use those. You won't lose anything because even if you did manage to connect the two, the audio signal would still only be 2 channel stereo at the surround input.

If your surround system has an optical input and you connected this to the optical input of your TV then the built in decoder in your surround system would deliver 5.1 channel audio, but only if your source (DVD player etc) was outputting 5.1 audio. Otherwise your TV will only send 2 channel stereo audio through its toslink connection.

The optical isn't the only output, is it? If so you may need to find adapters. In the future, remember to check for inputs and outputs before you buy.

What does the 20 x on the side of the Sony HVR-HD1000E refer to?

I'm confused about this figure on the side of this shoulder mounted camcorder, I may get it but firstly it says 20x but in all the spec sheets I have read it says the optical zoom is only 10x and there is no mention of a digital zoom. Does anyone know what this figure is?

20x is the digital zoom. Make sure you turn it off unless you are doing something artistic because you should never use it. It is just a gimmick.

cameras tend to exaggerate their zoom, the one to look out for is optical zoom, this is the zoom where it doesn't pixelise when you zoom in. The 20x is talking about the total zoom.

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