Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What are some of the best custom classes on Modern warfare 2?

I like to play HQ pro on Modern warfare 2 and I want to know how to make 5 awesome classes because I am only rank 66 and want to level up. any ideas? I was also wondering how to be a good quick scoper too so please help!
Primary SCAR-H FMJ

Secondary M93 Raffica FMJ

Sleight of Hand Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Steady Aim Pro, or Commando Pro, whichever you like.

Final Stand (always gives you on last chance)



Details: With this class you can do anything from being defensive to going on the offensive. A pretty general class for any type of situation.

Second Class (Sniper)

Primary Intervention FMJ or thermal

Secondary (Close quarters weapon such as shotgun) In case someone sneaks up on you

Sleight of Hand Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Steady Aim Pro


Throwing Knife

Smoke (or semtex depending on thermal)

Details: This class is mostly for sitting back and giving cover to your team mates. However, being a quickscoper myself, I find it most enjoyable playing with a sniper rifle and rushing people. But that is just my gameplay.

Third Class (Defensive)

Primary Any assault rifle with silencer

Secondary Spas-12 FMJ

Scavenger Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Steady Aim Pro

Final Stand


Stun Grenades

Details: This class is a defensive class and is used for situations such as guarding a flag in domination or headquarters. Using the scavenger pro allows you to have 2 claymores at anytime. This allows you to cover more than one entrance at a time. I am not saying to camp, but protect a certain part of a map such as one of the office buildings in Highrise.

Fourth Class (Run n

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