Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The new xbox 360-250gb?

is it worth buying the new xbox?
Yes because the new Xbox has a new motherboard that can withstand more space.. and it has a new design to it. Microsoft added touch sensors to the power button and eject button which i think isnt a big deal but its pretty cool. The vent that was on the back of the old xbox is now moved to the top of the new one so in that case most of the hot air from the console is rising up which can cause less overheating problems. There is also a new cooling system that they upgraded. It cools down really fast and if you keep it on too long and it gets to a certain point of heat then it will automatically shut off to avoid overheating and avoid hardware malfunctions. The new one also has a new built in 802.11 WI-FI. And i think it is way faster to connect to xbox live. It also has a Kinect port so if you do get Kinect you won

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