Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Need some phone suggestion!!!?

i wanna buy a new phone, with touch screen.i was thinking in fact of lg type ,but i do not know if it has the options i i want a touch screen phone which has themes-like sony ericson or nokia-,special code to encrypt messages etc. ,and has no pencil so that it can be easily navigated in it by hand.

i will really appreciate every help and suggestion!

I duuno your bugdet.

Well for message encryption you can choose LG or Samsung models but you wont have themes then because those phones do not support them.I suggest Samsung Monte or Galaxy Spica / LG Optimus they are rather cheap and have the options you like,they have capacitive touchscreens so they are really easy to operate by hand.

If themes are more important for you then go for Nokia X6 or Sony Ericsson Vivaz or Satio-but be warned these cost a lot more than the LG or Samsung ones,but offer a lot more features too,and since they have OS,maybe you can find a 3rd party software suitable for them so you can encrypt messages too.

get an iPhone.
There are not many phones that can compete Archos Android phone at this time.

You will know when you see or use it.

Do not buy any other phone as you will repent later.

Better to spend a little on Archos Android phone, as such you can get them fast and quick through amazon, at rates cheaper than shops.

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