Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to connect my universal tv remote to the tv?

Ok so i have an old tv and a remote, its philips. Every now and again the tv and the remote need to be reconnected coz they go out of line or something. The thing is, I have no idea how to do it coz i forget!

I know ya have to press 1 and 3 and hold them together, and then somethin about turning the tv on and off.... Does anyone know what to do? I know my way of describing is terrible, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
You would have to code the remote according to the model of the tv. There are different codes for various types, so make sure to code the remote. There should be a booklet included with the remote, that lists different sets and what code(s) to enter. You can also check the Internet for the information.

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