Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Im Looking For A Legitimate Cell Phone Lookup?

I have a cell phone number I need to trace for my own peace of mind really. I have been receiving some very odd calls on my cell phone. The caller is not being aggressive or anything, but he is just acting creepy. He tells me he knows where I live and he has seen me on nights out with my friends. I ask who he is but he will not respond, he only says what he wants to say and that is it. If I hang up he leaves it for a while ( hour or so) then calls my cell phone again. The situation is really begin to bug me now so I need to find out who he is. I need help in finding a legitimate cell phone lookup that can tell me who the caller is so I can put a stop to it. once I find out who he is, I will tell him over the phone, I know who he is, and I think that will scare him into stopping. Will a reverse cell phone lookup provide me with this information?.
A reverse cell phone lookup will provide you with the information, if they have that particular cell phone number on their system.

You can try searching for the cell number at http://www.reversecellphonelook-ups.com. Once you have typed the cell number in the search bar they will tell you if the information for that number is available or not. If the number is available, they will locate the destination of the cell phone. So you will see cell phone number location ie - detriot.

This is all the information you will get without paying a fee.

If you want further information ie callers full name and address

you will have to pay. You can pay for just one cell phone number lookup or you can get access to a years membership of unlimited lookups, including land-line numbers.

If the cell phone number is not in their system, I suggest you phone the police if the problem continues.

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