Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do we really need the FCC?

Okay.Firsti`m a 12 year old.I know everybody hates Total Drama for some damn reason but do we need the FCC.I mean really.They edit out a bunch of cool stuff and make it junk.I know they want to keep kids from cussing,i don`t want kids to curse eitherbut really.I say if the show comes from USA you can edit it.If it comes somewhere else,like Canada,where some of the best TV shows are madethen it`s not yours.Yesyou want a clean enviroment,i understand,but even if shows edit out stuff they still rate a show TV-PG-D even if they edit out crap,suck,even stupid they edit out.Who`s with me,kids can go watch ICarly or spongebob,12 yearolds can stick to shows like Total Drama Stoked,6teen,Wipeoutand Invader Zim and adults watch whatever they like.Am i right.Does we really need the FCC or not
I know what you mean

It seems like they could at least set up a T.V. station with all the obscene parts still in it...we

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